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2021 Checkered Flag Ball at M1 Concourse

November 17, 2021

On Oct. 2, the Checkered Flag Ball was held in the new M1 Event Center in Pontiac raising money to provide transportation to Pontiac residents in need.


On Oct. 2, the Checkered Flag Ball was held in the new M1 Event Center in Pontiac. The event, which brought together community, industry, and political leaders, raised more than $100,000 to assist with the transportation needs of Pontiac residents.

Presented by Checkered Flag Challenge, the philanthropic arm of M1 Concourse, this inaugural fundraising event supports M1 Mobility, a new initiative with the Pontiac Community Foundation to provide transportation solutions to connect Pontiac residents in need with essential community services and programs.

While the City of Pontiac has many incredible community services, however, it lacks enough safe and reliable public transportation options for the 19% of the households who have no access to a vehicle. Those Pontiac residents therefore face challenges from traveling to their doctor’s appointments to accessing healthy foods and resources, and for the city’s youth, participating in recreational activities.

The event itself was emceed by David Hobbs, and honored Jim Hall with the Master of Motorsports Award. Guests enjoyed fine cuisine, wine and spirits and an after party with musical performances by Quincy Stewart and Ben Sharkey. The success from this year’s ball will go a long way to ensuring Pontiac residents have access to the transportation they need.

Checkered Flag Ball at M1 ConcourseBrian Sevald

From left to right: Glenn Walker, Oakland University Vice President Rochelle Black, Oakland County Executive Dave Coulter, Rep. Brenda Lawrence, Michigan Lieutenant Governor Garlin Gilchrist, Colleen Ochoa Peters and Sen. Gary Peters

Checkered Flag Ball at M1 ConcourseBrian Sevald

Terry Mann and Gerard Marti

Brian Sevald

Jim and Jill Hall

Pontiac Community Foundation Board Chair Curt Powers, founder and CEO Dustin McClellan, Vice President of Programs Scott Stewart, and executive assistant Collett McClellan

Brian Sevald

Uniprop Chairman Paul Zlotoff (second from right) and guests.

To find out more about how you can help, head to the Pontiac Community Foundation website or make a donation here
Pontiac Community Foundation
79 Oakland Ave, Pontiac
(248) 246-6606
M1 Concourse
1 Concourse Dr, Pontiac
(866) 618-7225

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