Noah Peterson

2019 SEEN Young Changemakers: Noah Peterson Brings Positive Change to the City of Rochester Hills

August 1, 2019

Senior Noah Peterson has set out to bring positive change to the city of Rochester Hills through his involvement in the Rochester Hills Government Youth Council.

By Kristina Zheng

Photography by Justin Milhouse

In second grade, Noah Peterson knew he wanted to become the president. Now a recent graduate of Rochester High School, he still has those lofty political ambitions.

Throughout high school, Peterson, 19, has been actively involved in the Rochester Hills community. As a member of the Rochester Hills Government Youth Council, Peterson has volunteered at numerous citywide activities such as the State of the City address, Brooksie Way races, tree lighting at the Village of Rochester Hills and a blanket drive for HOPE (Helping Oakland’s People Everyday).

Noah Peterson of the Rochester Hills Government Youth Council

“Recently, we held a Cultural Togetherness event, where we brought together many cultures across the city and celebrated the art, the traditions and the food of each of these individual cultures,” Peterson says. “We really wanted to show that Rochester Hills is a diverse place to live.”

Councilman Ryan Deel, city council liaison to the Rochester Hills Government Youth Council, has witnessed Peterson’s community contributions.

“Noah is very involved with the community,” Deel says “…He is always interacting with other students from all across the district. Noah is there participating and collaborating with all these other students to help us bring about positive change.”

Noah Peterson of the Rochester Hills Government Youth CouncilCourtesy of Noah Peterson

Peterson’s deeds extend beyond people. For his Eagle Scout project, he built shelter blanks for the Michigan Humane Society.

“The idea behind these shelter blankets was to build these sheets to cover the cages and prevent the dogs from spreading kennel cough,” Peterson says.

Growing up with four dogs, Peterson understands the loving and protective nature of any dog owner. His mission to prevent other dogs in the community from catching diseases also stems from his willingness to help. 

“It is really important to go out and make sure that every animal has an opportunity to live a healthy lifestyle,” Peterson says. “If I can give my dogs a healthy lifestyle, then shouldn’t all dogs have a healthy lifestyle?”

Noah PetersonCourtesy of Noah Peterson

Peterson will attend Michigan State University this fall, where he plans to study political theory and constitutional democracy and continue his passion for helping people.

“I hope people look at the projects I’m doing and the projects that the Rochester Hills Government Youth Council is doing and see that there are people out there who care,” Peterson says. “I feel like it is really important to know that there is always someone who is going to be struggling along with you, even if you don’t know that person. It’s something that a lot of these projects are trying to do.”

Noah is a 2019 SEEN Young Changemaker. Read more about the finalists:

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