Nominee’s namePam Cronovich

SEEN Changemaker CategoryEducation

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Nominee’s job titleElementary Education Teacher
Nominee’s cityGrosse Pointe Farms
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I would like to nominate Pam Cronovich as an education Changemaker. A well-known education leader in the Grosse Pointe Public school system, Mrs. Cronovich has been a consistent example of a resourceful, hard-working, creative, organized and well-loved teacher in her field for over forty years. I have never met anyone so dedicated to their profession and so invigorated by the opportunity to teach young children (and now, the children of her former students!), creating a welcoming learning environment for all of the kids who have sat on her rainbow rug for Kindergarten "circle time."

Graduating as an Angell Scholar from the University of Michigan, Mrs. Cronovich began her career in 1974, later going on to receive Master’s degrees in both Education and Special Education for Learning Disabled Children. Beginning as an elementary and junior high teacher, she also worked in learning disabilities, as a teacher consultant, and a learning resource specialist before moving into Kindergarten, where she has devoted her time for the majority of her career. Since 1986 she has been a figurehead at Kerby Elementary School in Grosse Pointe Farms where she has welcomed over 1,000 students and their families to her Kindergarten classroom. Commuting over an hour to work each way every day, Mrs. C devotes much of her free time to her students. She often can be found working late into the night in her classroom at the end of the "lower wing" at Kerby if she is not out spending her time and money for extra supplies, gifts, or special items to make her kids and classroom special. Mrs. C devotes numerous hours outside of the school day reading and researching the latest and greatest in education and her bedside table is piled high with literature on teaching and parenting strategies.

In addition to impacting the lives of her Kindergarten students, Pam is also dedicated to preserving the art of teaching by mentoring teacher candidates and new teachers and has acted as a tireless advocate for the important role of public education. The world of education has changed dramatically since she began her career and she adapts to the ever-changing systems by continuing to develop her own practice through research, professional organization memberships, and attending conferences. So whether it’s a simple phone call, breakfast date to check-in and answer questions, or dedicating a day to help set-up a new classroom environment, Pam is always willing to put in the time and share her expertise with the newest teachers in the profession.

Pam Cronovich has touched the lives of so many throughout her career- chances are that if you have met a hard-working, devoted and happy professional who grew up in the Grosse Pointe Public School system, they had Mrs. Cronovich as their Kindergarten teacher!

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Pam Cronovich is a veteran Kindergarten teacher at Kerby Elementary School in the Grosse Pointe Public School System. She has been a Grade Level Leader in Kindergarten for several curriculum areas. Pam has also taught in special education as a teacher consultant, a resource room teacher, and as a self-contained class teacher. Pam has a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education and Special Education for Emotionally Impaired Children. She has a Master of Science in Special Education for Learning Disabled Children. Pam has advanced course work in Social Work and Early Childhood Education, and is a member of the National and Michigan Associations for the Education of Young Children.

How is he/she impacting the community or the lives of people in Metro Detroit or across the world.

Recognizing the importance of her role in ushering in the start of a child's formal education, Mrs. Cronovich works hard with families to encourage readiness for Kindergarten. She is an advocate for "Kindergarten Readiness" and has developed many of the systems the school district uses for screeners (early evaluation) and parent information documents. She understands that core curriculum for young children can be overwhelming for both the child and their family and strives to make the transition to school a fun and happy one. Not only do the youngest students in the school carry the burden of an ever-advancing curriculum, but also the stress of developing into a “student”—a role that is brand new to many children. She recognizes that developing an enthusiasm for learning will fuel the child's educational path and models this for the students in her classroom. Knowing that habits and learning dispositions can develop early in a child’s education she provides emphasis on classroom management, solid foundational literacy and numeracy skills, and a love of learning shines. She goes above and beyond for each and every child and family that enters her classroom and has for the 45 years she has devoted to Grosse Pointe Schools.

Mrs. Cronovich has built a sense of community in her classroom and throughout the school, often acting as the Teacher in Charge and the lead of the Student Council. Walking into her classroom, you see her students listening and learning and can hear Mrs. Cronovich singing "down in Grosse Pointe, right in the heart, there's a cute little Kindergartener getting so smart!" Her impact on the education of thousands of children, families and education peers is truly indescribable- she has taught every student and mentee that they can work hard, believe in themselves, and find something that they love. She often tells children to "make a difference" and she teaches them that by setting an amazing example.

I hope that many educators will be eligible and nominated for this distinction, but I also believe that the foundations of the training of many Metro-Detroit early childhood and elementary educators came from the Kerby classroom of Mrs. Cronovich!


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