Nominee’s nameJoe Warne

SEEN Changemaker CategoryCivic Service

A picture of the nomineeA picture of the nominee
Nominee’s job titleFirefighter/EMT
Nominee’s cityMacomb
Please describe why the nominee is a SEEN Changemaker:

Warne is a SEEN Changemaker because of the time and effort he puts into improving the lives of families in his community. In 2013, he started a non-profit organization, Neighbors United, in order to provide a helping hand to families who are facing a variety of challenges in life. His organization finds families on a monthly basis and works with the community to get the help they need. More recently, Warne walked from Macomb to Grand Rapids on June 5 while wearing full firefighting gear to raise money for firefighters with cancer.

Tell us about the individual’s accomplishments:

His organization, Neighbors United, raised $13,680 for firefighters with cancer on their Facebook fundraising page alone, and they are delivering checks to 13 firefighters in the area. He was also named the 2019 Macomb Township Firefighter of the year.

How is he/she impacting the community or the lives of people in Metro Detroit or across the world.

Not only is Warne helping the community through his job as a firefighter, but he is making sure that community members receive the assistance they need. The work he completed with his organization has allowed him to assist veterans, children with cancer, struggling families and more.


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