Nominee’s nameEdward Deeb

SEEN Changemaker CategoryPhilanthropy

A picture of the nomineeA picture of the nominee
Nominee’s job titleFounder and Chairman
Nominee’s cityBloomfield Township
Please describe why the nominee is a SEEN Changemaker:

Edward Deeb has been making a difference in the community by forming and assisting a number of organizations in Michigan. After college, he began working for the Associated Food Dealers of Michigan and started making changes to revitalize the organization. After working there for 21 years, he started his own organization, the Michigan Food and Beverage Association, which became the largest state-wide association in the nation. From here, Deeb assisted in revitalizing the Eastern Market Merchants Association and began creating new programs to bring more people out. Most recently, he formed the Michigan Youth Appreciation Foundation to establish Metro Detroit Youth Day in attempt to stop the problems they were having with kids in the community. His association also awards scholarships to high school seniors and gave out 120 scholarships in 2019 alone.

Tell us about the individual’s accomplishments:

Deeb assisted in setting up an Alumni Association for the College of Comm Arts at Michigan State University and was the first president of the organization. Later in his career, he became known as the go-to guy for the Senate Investigative Committee in Washington because he logged 400 incidents involving grocery stores in the Detroit area while he was doing his job. Aong with this, after putting the Metro Detroit Youth Day on for 37 years, he has turned it into a large event that drew 35,000 people to Belle Isle this past July. He was also honored by President George W. Bush, who held a special ceremony for Deeb and other honorees in the country. Finally, he has received many award throughout the country, such as the Ellis Island Medal of Honor, Michiganian of the Year Award from the Detroit News, the Shining Light Award from Neil Shine and The Detroit Free Press, The Salvation Army’s William Booth Award, and the Distinguished Alumni Award from MSU.

How is he/she impacting the community or the lives of people in Metro Detroit or across the world.

Since graduating college, Deeb has been improving the lives of others by helping organizations get back on their feet and by creating his own. In every position he takes, he uses his power to help bring peace to the community and provides resources to those who need assistance. He also has used the Michigan Youth Appreciation Foundation to help provide activities and resources to kids in the community.


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