Nominee’s nameLou Goldhaber

SEEN Changemaker CategoryArt & Entertainment

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Nominee’s job titleChief of Staff
Nominee’s cityDetroit
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Over the last two years, Detroit has experienced an influx of companies such as LinkedIn and Google opening offices throughout the city, generating a 9.7% growth in millennial population. Beyond the custom high-end finishes, property amenities, and 24-hour concierge service, those new to the city crave a sense of community. With over 423 Class-A luxury apartments across four mixed-use developments in Detroit, Broder & Sachse Real Estate (BSRE) knew a different type of offering was necessary to capture this growing market.

In an effort to cultivate and connect community, content, and culture, Lou Goldhaber, Chief of Staff at BSRE, launched a lifestyle curation platform across BSRE’s Detroit mixed-use developments. Each of the four developments offers hospitality-style living with high-quality lifestyle programming that encourages residents to live, work, shop, and play within their surrounding community.

Under Lou’s executive oversight, BSRE’s lifestyle curation has developed into its own brand, becoming a social influencer known as EXP|DET. Since its inception in April 2018, EXP|DET was designed to give local tastemakers a platform to promote their brands and contributions to the city. With an emphasis on engagement, the lifestyle program focuses on five major pillars including the “best-of” Detroit’s Style & Design, Mind & Body, Cocktails & Culinary, Arts & Culture, and Community & Give Back. While custom-curated programming inspired by these five pillars is only available to residents, EXP|DET offers a web of engaging content, including an online blog, e-newsletters, and a podcast series, which encourages others outside of the BSRE ecosystem to experience the Detroit lifestyle.

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Lou’s diverse background as an entrepreneur, sales executive, and restaurant owner gave him the determination to incorporate customer-centric ideals in an entirely new way for the real estate industry. Lou and his team ideated the unique concept of EXP|DET to turn BSRE into a hospitality-focused business in which each property operates like a hotel with unique amenities and now, custom-tailored events. Special monthly programming is inspired by the trendsetter featured in that month’s EXP|DET issue, thus creating a larger community of Detroit influencers, residents, and followers. Past programming includes everything from on-site sushi-making and cocktail mixing workshops, to off-site Tigers baseball games and art museum tours. The diverse lifestyle curation provides residents with opportunities to explore and experience a social scene unlike anything else offered in Detroit.

Especially unique to this lifestyle brand, experiencing all EXP|DET has to offer doesn’t require one to live within the BSRE ecosystem. Reaching over 300,000 impressions and more than 5,500 Instagram followers since its launch, the EXP|DET lifestyle platform engages residents and the greater community through a web of unique offerings spotlighting local community heroes, small business owners, and Detroit’s top influencers.

How is he/she impacting the community or the lives of people in Metro Detroit or across the world.

Upon the success of EXP|DET, Lou and his team decided to take the lifestyle platform a step further and launch an EXP|DET podcast. The podcast, hosted by Lou himself, highlights the best of Detroit through the eyes of local tastemakers, including Bruce Schwartz, Detroit’s Ambassador; Kacee Must, Founder and Owner of Citizen Yoga; and Brian Day, the man behind the lens in a photography series known as “Detroit from Above.” Upcoming guests include a local social capital expert and philanthropist, a community hero who created a safe haven for Detroit students in the form of a boxing gym, and a native Detroit influencer sharing her stories through photos and “punny” captions. Not only does EXP|DET promote the soul of our city, but also gives a voice to and honors local changemakers who are encouraging community and connection around Detroit.


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