Nominee’s nameTrish Wyatt

SEEN Changemaker CategoryEducation

A picture of the nomineeA picture of the nominee
Nominee’s job titleSpecial Education Social Worker/Psychotherapist
Nominee’s cityWestland
Please describe why the nominee is a SEEN Changemaker:

Trish has dedicated the last 15 years working with, teaching and inspiring students that receive social work special education services as well as at-risk students that struggle with emotions, behavior, trauma, anxiety, depression, autism and other disorders. Trish is compassionate and caring, she has provides a safe non-judgemental environment for her students and patients. Trish consistently goes above and beyond and is always willing to take the time her students, patients and co-workers need even when she is pressed for time, she gives them 100% of her attention. Trish has an understanding and giving soul that is evident in everything she does. Trish used her own time to help save a school step team from dismantling and became a freshman class advisor when asked to assist.

Trish continues to follow up with many of her prior students, she attends important events to them, mentors them and is a continual means of support to them. She frequently receives texts and calls on mothers day from past students that have viewed her as a mother figure.

Trish is a strong advocate for mental health awareness, she has been seen/heard on TV, Radio, podcasts educating and in person presentations educating about mental health and removing the stigma of mental health. Trish has devoted her career to educating and empowering her students and patients to live their best life and she is currently working on her physical trainer certification to enhance the already vast knowledge she possesses to enrich others lives in connecting the mind body connection. Trish is an incredibly hard worker and positive influence to all of those around her. She is an amazing school social worker, therapist, colleague, friend, daughter and mother. Her level of empathy and compassion is unmatched Trish maintains contact with her former patients to ensure they do well socially and emotionally long after therapy is completed .

I can not think of a more perfect candidate for the SEEN Changemaker awards.

Tell us about the individual’s accomplishments:

Masters degree in Social Work
Owner of Twellness a company dedicated to education, reducing the stigma of mental health and improving the mind and body connection
Developed a girls group called Dolls with Dreams dedicated to helping adolescent girls with their social/emotional needs
Recognized as staff member of the week multiple times during school years.
Participated in multiple TV, Radio and podcasts educating and reducing stigma associated with mental health.
In personal professional development working with employees focusing on their mental health and job satisfaction

How is he/she impacting the community or the lives of people in Metro Detroit or across the world.

Mentorship to many former students
Actively removing the stigma around mental health via TV, radio and podcasts.
Active member of the school community
Trish continues to check in with her former patients to ensure they continue to do well in their everyday lives.


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