Nominee’s nameDoug Thompson

SEEN Changemaker CategoryMedicine

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Nominee’s job titleDentist at Integrative Oral Medicine
Nominee’s cityBloomfield Hills
Please describe why the nominee is a SEEN Changemaker:

A TRUE COLLABORATIVE WELLNESS MODEL - Dr. Doug Thompson is a Bloomfield Hills dentist who has taken his passion for doing more for his patients and community at large by dedicating himself to researching and teaching the best information not only on oral health, but how that effects overall health. He wants his patients to not just get better, but stay better by moving away from the traditional restorative dental model to a "Total Body Health" program including collaborative care with the rest of the healthcare team.

He transitioned his practice, Integrative Oral Medicine, into a Wellness practice. What’s more, his love of research and desire to translate the best science into better, more comprehensive care for his patients expanded and he created the Wellness Dentistry Network (online)– a global community of like-minded dental and medical teams with a keen awareness of how oral pathogens and often ignored inflammation are drivers of systemic diseases such as heart disease and diabetes. These diseases have been redefined as inflammatory based, from this often silent “fire” within. Treatment prior to a major health incident takes collaborative care from well-trained clinicians well-versed in the latest science and protocols.

Dr. Thompson and his colleagues find themselves as unlikely “firefighters” collaborating and implementing coordinated care for their patients with the goal of identifying, treating inflammation (including nutrition, gut health, advanced Point-of-Care testing, etc) and even reversing disease before a significant damage can be done. [And a fun fact – Dr. Thompson's office is next to the Fire Department here in Bloomfield Hills!]

Tell us about the individual’s accomplishments:

Dr. Thompson started from humble beginnings and began his work career as a dental tech at 18 and worked for ten years as chipped away at prerequisites, and was accepted to U of M dental school where he graduated. He began as a student and became Faculty at the prestigious Kois Center in Seattle, is a published author (including writing a chapter in an upcoming Cardiology text book), recently completed his Fellowship in Functional Medicine and regularly co-manages patients' health in a collaborative healthcare model with other providers, such as Cardiologist, Dr. Joel Kahn, as well as other physicians around the world. In this way, they are disruptors in the healthcare field, which is currently is still somewhat stuck in a more disease-based model, rather than preventive and wellness-based model.

How is he/she impacting the community or the lives of people in Metro Detroit or across the world.

No question, Dr. Thompson's passion to bring health, wellness and quality of life to patients in his office, and around the world, has changed lives. Patients and other healthcare providers are so happy to find they have access to a doctor and collaborative team that is not interested in just putting out the "fire" temporarily, but encouraging true, long-lasting healing and Total Body Health in a supportive, caring and collaborative healthcare community. We've received the most amazing thank you's from patients - some thanking him for "saving their life". Their words, not ours!
And, it's incredibly humbling and rewarding to be part of helping and watching patients as they achieve and maintain wellness. I hope you'll consider this amazing clinician, community leader and person as a Changemaker in Healthcare/Medicine. Thank you for your consideration!!


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