2019 SEEN Changemaker Awards


The SEEN Changemaker awards honor and celebrate Metro Detroiters making a difference and changing the world, who otherwise might go unnoticed.

[cheynj-mey-ker] noun

A changemaker is a person who wants to see change in the world and by gathering resources and/or knowledge, makes that change happen.

We’ve all heard of Ghandi. Mother Teresa. Marie Curie. Rosa Parks. Martin Luther King Jr. Mark Zuckerberg.

But what about the teacher spending off hours teaching underserved kids how to read?

What about doctors, like Dr. Mona Hanna-Attisha, who after a friendly conversation spend hours and hours gathering evidence and research to identify the Flint Water Crisis.

Or Veronika Scott, who created a product to serve the homeless and a business model to end the cycle of homelessness.

Changemakers are people who want to make the world better in some way, gather the resources and knowledge and then make it happen.

We live, work and interact with changemakers like this every single day, often without even knowing it.


There are countless people in Metro Detroit who are making a difference yet go unrecognized. The SEEN Changemaker Awards seek to change that. Nominate your colleague, friend, or relative who is making a difference anytime throughout the month of August. The SEEN team will narrow it down to 5 nominees in each category and then the community will vote on the winners Sept. 9-23 at seenthemagazine.com.

Winners will be announced and celebrated at the SEEN Changemaker Awards event on October 23, 2019 and featured in the December issue of SEEN Magazine.




Peter & Danialle Karmanos


Recognizes a person who has contributed to the arts — whether it be music, film, theater or fine arts. This SEEN Changemaker’s talent has impacted the community and brought joy to others.
2018 Winner: Robert Burston

Recognizes a person who has achieved success in business. This person may run a startup, family business or company that gives back to the community through job creation or philanthropic support. This SEEN Changemaker is a leader and visionary and has earned respect from the people he or she works with.
2018 Winner: Bailey Sisoy Isgro

Recognizes a person who has served his or her community through volunteer work, social action or government engagement. This SEEN Changemaker selflessly spends time bettering the community and deserves recognition for his or her efforts.
2018 Winner: Lauren Bealore

Recognizes a person who has dedicated his or her time to educate and mentor leaders of tomorrow. This SEEN Changemaker may be a teacher, school administrator, professor or anyone in the education space who has gone above on beyond their typical job responsibilities to help  people learn and achieve.
2018 Winner: Steve Freeman

Recognizes a person who is a role model in the field of medicine. This person may be a nurse, doctor or researcher working tirelessly to find a cure, make a difference in patient lives, provide more access to care or fix broken systems. This SEEN Changemaker treats patients or those in recovery with the highest respect and kindness and truly understands what it means to be a healer.
2018 Winner: Steve Styes

Recognizes a person who pours his or her time and energy working for or leading a nonprofit in Metro Detroit. This SEEN Changemaker goes above and beyond to help nonprofits better the lives of people and places in our community, despite the long hours and challenge of raising money typically associated with nonprofit work.
2018 Winner: Christopher Tait

Recognizes a person who goes out of his or her way to serve others in the community through fundraising efforts. This SEEN Changemaker promotes the welfare of others by using their time and influence to raise money and awareness for worthy causes.
2018 Winner: Robert Reaves

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