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2019 Drinking with Dogs: Halloween Edition

October 31, 2019

From straight up spooky to absolutely adorable, check out who was SEEN at Canine to Five’s Drinking with Dogs Halloween event at the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit on Oct. 30.

By Quinn Banks and Derrick Martinez

Dogs came dressed as bumble bees, UPS delivery drivers, dinosaurs and other creatures to Canine to Five’s Drinking with Dogs event co-hosted with SEEN on Oct. 30 at the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit. SEEN Managing Editor Stephanie Steinberg had the difficult task of judging the costume contest. A portion of the ticket proceeds benefited the Michigan Humane Society.

Costume Contest Results:

  • Best Overall: Day of the Dead
  • First Runner Up: Carnivale
  • Second Runner Up: Noodles
  • Third Runner Up: Gas Leak
  • Honorable Mentions: Target Dog, On Vacation, UPS
  • Best Dog/Human Pair: Jerry Garcia
  • Dog/Human Pair Runner Up: Circus
  • Best Dog Group: Toy Story
  • Best Dog Pair: Freddy & Jason

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