2018 young changemakers

2018 Young Changemakers in Metro Detroit

July 27, 2018

Meet the 2018 young changemakers making an impact in Metro Detroit and beyond.

Photography by Boswell Hardwick

Earlier this year, SEEN asked the community to nominate young changemakers in Metro Detroit. It was a tough task to narrow down the list of young nominees who are making a difference every day. The SEEN team selected six kids and teens who are helping the homeless, fighting cancer, starting nonprofits and positively impacting the lives of their peers.

Alana Blumenstein

2018 young changemakers

After watching her younger brother struggle with dyslexia, Alana Blumenstein created KidsRead2Kids, a nonprofit dedicated to helping people with learning disabilities learn to read. Learn more about Alana’s journey here.

Ewan Drum

2018 young changemakers

“Super” Ewan Drum is a real-life superhero dedicated to helping the homeless and less fortunate in Detroit neighborhoods. Read more about Super Ewan’s adventures here.

Jeimy López

2018 young changemakers

Jeimy Lopez is a creative superstar who’s helped the nonprofit Living Arts reach scores of kids in Detroit. Learn more about Jeimy’s art education endeavors here.

Danielle Lutz

2018 young changemakers

Danielle Lutz founded her own charity, reWEARable, which collects prom and special occasion dresses for girls in need. Read more about Danielle’s impact on hundreds of Detroit teens here.

Selina Shi

2018 young changemakers

Selina Shi strives to light up the world of education for everyone, everywhere. Read more about Selina’s efforts to bring lighting to classrooms in developing countries here.

Bryce Toby

2018 young changemakers

Bryce Toby has been raising money for Relay for Life since he was 4 years old. Read more about Bryce’s mission to save lives here.

Photo location: Airtime Trampoline & Game Park

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