2018 Wedding Trends
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2018 Wedding Trends: Classic Elegance with Personality

January 29, 2018

Metro Detroit wedding experts share the top 2018 wedding trends.

By Karleigh M. Stone

While weddings always focus on love and marriage, the details surrounding the celebration of this significant step in life have changed throughout the years. Event industry professionals say 2018 weddings will bring back traditional themes with neutral tones and metallic accents, while also delivering a flare of personality.

“Traditional is the new trend,” says Laila DeSouza, event coordinator at Laurel Manor in Livonia. “A simple, clean look with classic touches, as well as a lot of gold and silver with pops of color.”

Yet the “biggest trend,” says Townsend Hotel catering sales manager Lizz Smith, “is the couple making the event an experience and having it show a bit of their personalities. Their guests should be able to look at the event and say, ‘This is so Katie and Jake.’ We should not have any wedding that is a rubber stamp generic wedding. We want to see their personalities in their decor and food choices.”

SEEN asked local wedding industry experts what other trends they expect to see in 2018.

Textured Florals

2018 wedding trends

2018 Wedding Trends

Wedding bouquet featuring peonies and roses. Image via iStock.

Under the Stars: A Traverse City Destination wedding

Dahlia’s and roses stand out in these incredible bouquets and centerpieces.

Texture is the key word when it comes to 2018 floral design, both in centerpieces and bouquets.

“Anything with a textured bloom will be popular this year,” says Nicole Beaudoin, general manager of Emerald City Designs in Farmington Hills. “Peonies are still at the top of the list, and dahlias are a close second, based on the season. The wide variety of roses never ceases to amaze, especially garden roses.”

She adds that delicate flowers such as sweet pea, scabiosa, lisianthus, and astilbe are used to add texture.

Cassie Lewis, event manager at Top That! Event in Warren, says brides are moving away from round bouquets and becoming more adventurous with oversized bouquets and unique florals.

Decor and Rental Pieces

2018 Wedding Trends

Lounge furniture at a wedding by Emerald City Designs.

20 Questions with Jon Gerych

Hanging florals and decor by Jon Gerych of Gerych’s Flowers.

2018 wedding trends

Floral and greenery wall installation by Emerald City Designs. Jessica Polk/SEEN

2018 Wedding Trends

Geometric shaped terrariums by Top That! Events.

2018 Wedding Trends

Lucite chairs by Top That! Events.

Brides are looking to make their 2018 weddings a one-of-a-kind experience, and that includes venturing from the norm in terms of rental pieces.

“Among the most popular rental items this year are lounge furniture with accents of marble and gold,” Beaudoin says. “And show-stopping bar fronts. Whether they are mirror bars or mahogany wooden bars, they add a lovely touch to any event.”

Lewis notes many of her brides are interested in ceiling installations and hanging decor, market lights and specialty backdrops such as floral walls, ribbons, and macramé — a decorative piece made with knotting cords or string in patterns.

As in previous years, tablescapes filled with candles are still trendy. “Mixing copper and marble, geometric-shaped terrariums and transparent vases are three popular styles,” Lewis says.

Event planners say traditional Chiavari chairs are less popular this year, as brides are choosing more avant-garde Lucite chairs or the newer, round-shaped Napoleon-style chairs. To pair with those chairs? Neutral-toned linens are a bride’s first choice.

Classic Stationery

Stationery is also returning to a simple, classic look. “Prior to 2017, brides were choosing ornate decorative laser-cut styles with ribbon and rhinestone embellishments,” says Shylah Trost, owner of Dreaming In Paper in Royal Oak. “We’re seeing a move away from this toward a more minimal and simplistic aesthetic that is timeless and classic.”

Trost adds that pearlized paper stocks are now a thing of the past, and matte stocks with smooth finishes or subtle linen embossing are trending. Other stationery trends include acrylic mirrors for signage, guest seating scrolls instead of escort cards, geometric patterns, and colored cardstock.

“The biggest trend right now is foil,” Trost says. “Brides are choosing gold, silver, rose gold and copper foil for the typography and graphic elements of their invitations.”

For table settings, Trost says brides are opting for customized items — from fun facts about the bride and groom to personalized menus and table numbers unique to the style of the event.

2018 Wedding Trends

Stationary by Dreaming In Paper

2018 Wedding Trends

Centerpiece calligraphy by Leah E Moss. Photo via Instagram.

2018 Wedding Trends

Seating chart design by Leah E. Moss. Image via Instagram.

Pantone Color of the Year

The 2018 Pantone color of the year is ultraviolet, a shade that communicates originality and visionary thinking for the future, making it a perfect hue to incorporate in this year’s weddings. How to do that? “Floral,” Beaudoin says. “Flowers have such a gamut of colors; it is a wonderful way to incorporate the Pantone color of the year. We’re also planning to use the color in accent details such as pillows in a lounge set.”

Lewis says ultraviolet will appear in bridesmaid dresses, lighting and linen accents such as runners and napkins. Trost also predicts the hue will have a “huge influence” on this year’s stationery trends.

“It is such an interesting, new and versatile color for weddings,” she says, “Purple has always been popular, but Pantone’s ultra violet is not a color we’ve seen too much of, and we’re excited to see it in use!”

2018 Wedding Trends

Ultra violet Pantone 2018 color of the year inspired bouquet. Image via iStock

2018 Wedding Trends

Ultra violet Pantone 2018 color of the year bridesmaid dresses and florals. Image via iStock

2018 Wedding Trends

A vanilla wedding cake, designed by the Amway, resembles layers of organza.

2018 Wedding Trends

Wedding cake by Sweet Heather Anne in Ann Arbor. Image via Sweet Heather Anne Instagram

Venue Logistics

A convenient trend for 2018 wedding guests is that more couples are having the ceremony and reception in the same place. “Almost all of our wedding inquiries ask about reserving our ceremony room,” says DeSouza of Laurel Manor in Livonia. “It’s very much about convenience for the guests.”

Overall, brides are trending toward smaller weddings. “Especially with the millennial bride,” Lewis says, “they want to spend more on the guest experience rather than a huge guest list.”

One thing that hasn’t changed in the last few years — and doesn’t look like it’s going to in 2018 — is that late May through October comprise the most popular months to get married, according to Smith.

June always has been a fan favorite, and brides still fall for a big day filled with colored leaves and crisp autumn air.

For more information:

Emerald City Designs
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Dreaming In Paper
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Laurel Manor
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The Townsend Hotel
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Top That! Event
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