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2018 Home Design Trends

February 28, 2018

Local design experts share what’s hot for 2018 home design trends in furniture, fabrics, rugs, fixtures, colors and more.

By Karen Dybis

Luxurious Oriental Rugs

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Trends may come and go, but style has lasting power, says Edmond Hagopian, who keeps the family retail rug business and cleaning services on trend by tracking women’s styles and attending trade shows.

“We’re seeing a lot of styles coming back, and that’s a great thing for rugs, which tend to be larger purchases and longer-lasting objects in people’s homes,” says Hagopian, who has stores of the same name in Ann Arbor, Birmingham, Clarkston, Novi, Oak Park, Plymouth and Utica. “I personally love geometrics, and you’re seeing a lot of those patterns show up in rugs. Usually, with those bold designs, you’ll start to see greater color saturation, which means stronger, richer colors like teal coming into vogue.”

Color and Comfort

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For spring into summer, color trends that once favored moody grays and blues are moving toward warmer tones in paint, wood and fabric. According to Pinterest’s 2018 Top 100 Trends report, sage is the color this year.

“The organic feel of muted colors will mesh a room’s palette together effortlessly,” says Kristi Karimpour, co-owner of Birmingham Design Studio. “Washed neutrals and toned-down patterns create an environment to relax and recharge in.” Pieces that spark joy and express personal style are not only welcome additions but also necessities. “It doesn’t matter how beautiful something is if it’s not comfortable,” Karimpour says. “You want to be able to use the spaces you’re designing and creating.”

That’s not to say homes that consider comfort a key element are frumpy. Designers say these trends blend functionality with fabulousness, ensuring houses are full of fun patterns, luxurious fabrics and rich colors that make a house warm and inviting.

Black and Durable

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Thanks to tougher textiles, hard-wearing hardware and family-friendly furniture, home fashion is now functional in ways that allow people to enjoy their homes without worrying about ruining fabric with a movie-night spill or two.

“People are trying to live with less clutter in their homes, so they are choosing what to bring into their living space very carefully. We will see more clean lines in furniture selections mixed with statement pieces such as beautiful wall art,” says Sarah LaRou Rozewicz, owner of Mimi LaRou Designs, an interior design studio and store in Roseville. “Finishes in brass and wrought iron are still strong, while the use of vintage-style lighting is still on trend…Neutral colors are still strong. However, rich hues of navy and black both work as a great neutral. They play well with many colors and are alternatives to the use of gray, which has dominated the color wheel for some time.”

According to Josh Moss of Advance Plumbing & Heating Supply, matte black is popular on everything from faucets and hardware to lighting.

Vintage Décor

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Interior design experts, including LaRou Rozewicz, Karimpour and Hagopian, note that vintage looks — whether in antiques or new pieces — also remain popular with both manufacturers and customers. Everything from rugs and couches to accessories are made with high-tech textiles, which means the resulting products are well constructed, cost effective and made to last.

“We’re seeing a lot of interest in flat-weave rugs, which we’re excited about because they offer customers great value. They’re typically handmade, which means they’re quality and provide a great look,” Hagopian says. “We’re also getting more interest in rugs that are vintage or are made to look broken in or well worn. I love that look because I think even a vintage rug still has a lot of life still in it. You get more value for your money, and the rug will look beautiful for years to come.”

Floating Vanities

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Floating cabinets continue to be a staple of modern bathroom design for powder rooms and master bedrooms, says Bob Bouwens, a designer at EuroAmerica Design in Troy.

“The end result of this minimalist design is a more open space that actually makes the space feel bigger,” Bouwens says. “Both sleek and stylish, the piece often takes on the look of actual furniture, rather than that of a bathroom cabinet. Some clients also like to include lights underneath the cabinets to create a certain ambience.”

Statement Mirrors

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Besides making a room appear larger, mirrors are an easy way to jazz up a wall and add a decorative piece to any room. “Mirrors today can be considered works of art on your wall,” says LaRou Rozewicz of Mimi LaRou Designs.

“With so many styles to choose from, they can help tell the story of how you want your room to feel. Round mirrors and mirrors of different shapes are still on trend in 2018 and can be used regardless of your style. Whether you are looking for something simple with a brass frame or an ornate Old-World finish, a mirror helps translate the overall aesthetic.”

Just Like Home

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Patrick Thompson Design

Home design also has spread into other spaces, such as retail stores, office environments and elsewhere. Patrick Thompson of Patrick Thompson Design in Detroit has seen more of a homey atmosphere showing up across his clients, which range from homeowners to the Detroit Institute of Arts, to the new Trumbull & Porter hotel in Detroit and TechTown.

“People are asking for comfort and flexibility in their spaces. Whether designing a restaurant, hotel, office or a retail space, we are being asked to incorporate many residential comforts into the spaces,” Thompson says. “This can be seen in the furniture selections, intimate lighting options and the division of the spaces. They want to feel comfortable and have the design elements be approachable and recognizable to them.” Spaces need to be able to do “double duty,” he adds.

“The days of having a training room sit empty except for the monthly meeting are gone,” he says. “Those large spaces are now the cafe during the week and the break-out spaces for staff to take their small meetings in.” Having clients who care about good design and are willing to invest in their interior design not only makes the work enjoyable, it also is something that elevates the final look of a room or home, Thompson says.

“I think the public is becoming more aware of design and its importance,” he says. “It’s a good sign for the industry in many ways; people want and need design services more than ever and, at the same time, it forces design firms to be unique and clever as there is more competition now than ever.”

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