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20 Questions with Trainer Jimmy Evans

June 16, 2017

Personal trainer Jimmy Evans of Jabs Gym in Birmingham is the go-to guy to get in shape. 

  1. BRIEF BIO: I was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan. I attended Redford High School and studied at Central State University. I worked in construction before I became a manager at LA Fitness (Now at JabsGym).

  2. 3 words to describe yourself? Passionate, innovative and energetic. Although currently, father-first describes me best.

    Jimmy and his adorable son at JabsGym in Birmingham.

  3. How long have you been training? Have you always had a passion for fitness? 10 years. Yes, I grew up in an area where people were not health-conscious. Exercise was not part of their daily routine, and I wanted to be a changing factor amongst my community.

  4. What should we know about the JabsGym workout what makes it unique? People rave about it because it’s a total body workout and its effective. It is a high-energy, fast-paced, fun workout that hits every major muscle group, yet really can be scaled down to cater to any fitness level or age. We have fun — but make no mistake — we work hard.

  5. We hear you are the go-to guy for training – do you do in-home training or always at JabsGym?  Jabs or any gym location.

  6. Your trainer tips to live by?  The easiest thing to do is quit. Nothing in life comes easy so you have to push and give it everything you have every day. You have to live “Jimlife.” I stand by thi,s and I live by it every day.
  7. We hear you are launching a website? It will be Jimlifefitness.com. It should be up soon.

  8. How do you use social media to connect with customers or stay connected to existing clients? I am currently on Instagram under Jimlifefitness. Every day I put up videos of my clients of all different ages and fitness levels. It’s a great way to motivate people and inspire them to keep setting higher goals for themselves. It also shows people I can train to every fitness level. “Can’t” is not a word in my vocabulary. We can do anything together.

    Jimmy with a client. Photo via Jabs Gym Instagram


  9. Do you follow anyone on Instagram or (twitter/fb) that inspires you in the health and fitness world? Kevin Hart. He lives a healthy lifestyle yet has fun doing it.

  10. Who inspires you and why? My clients inspire me every day. Working out and sticking with it is not easy — especially in today’s world when everyone is so busy. But it is essential to living a long and fulfilling life. I have had many clients for years … to see their progress and dedication makes me feel like I am doing something right. I have a client who I just started training at age. That takes courage and heart. It’s not easy to get started at that age, but it’s extremely inspirational.

    Complete the statement:

  11. Key to a healthy body is nutrition.
  12. An apple a day keeps the doctor away.
  13. To live a healthy life is to be happy with who you are because God has blessed us all.

  14. What’s on your playlist right now? Drake for sure, then Chainsmokers, and I definitely have to add Future and Maroon 5.

  15. Favorite food? Chicken.

    Social Kitchen + Bar, Birmingham MI.

  16. What do you love most about your community? I currently live in Birmingham. I love the downtown area because of all the great shops. Social is one of my go-to’s.

  17. Favorite restaurant in Metro Detroit or Detroit? Rusty Bucket but it’s not about the food. It is a central spot where my friends and I can meet since many of them live in other areas. It’s just a casual, fun place where we catch up.

  18. When not in the gym we would find you? When I am not in the gym, I am with my son. He is my righthand man. You can find us at Somerset Mall, PF Chang, the Nike store Downtown in Detroit … basically everywhere.

    20 Questions with Trainer Jimmy Evans

    The Nike Store in downtown Detroit. Image via Nike.

  19. Father’s Day is coming up and we see you have a little guy (via Instagram) any special plans for your special day? I plan on spending time with my son. I love everything about being a father. I love watching him grow, like take his first step, which he just did. I love exposing him to new things … he is at a curious age and watching him take it all in is something I can’t get enough of. He just a fun “little man” who makes me smile every day and reminds me how blessed and fortunate I am.

  20.  Favorite quote or words to live by? Easy work! (All work is easy work!)

For more inspiration and fitness tips, follow Jimmy on Instagram: @jimlifefitness or schedule an appointment with him at JabsGym:

JABS Birmingham
2285 Cole St., Birmingham, MI 48009

JABS Eastern Market
2501 Russel St., Detroit, MI 48207

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