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20 Questions: Lora and Amal of LAM Styles

July 10, 2017

Metro Detroit’s most stylish duo gives us the scoop on the success of their collaboration LAM Styles. 

Lora and Amal are both Physician Assistants by day, with a shared passion for fashion that led them to co-create LAM Styles. It is their personal outlet to share their interests, beauty tips, travels and fashion with the world. In addition to an incredible ability to mix high and low end fashion, they are great about supporting local brands and designers. 

1. How did the two of you meet and decide to start a blog?

L&A: We met while in the Physician Assistant program at UD-Mercy. We ended up getting jobs at the same hospital and one day, during casual conversation about current fashion trends and what not, it was mentioned that it would be fun to start some sort of fashion blog together…and so the journey began.

2. You’ve gained quite a following on Instagram and seem to have a lot of engagement on your Blog – how did the growth of your blogging take off? Who is your reader?

L&A: It’s kind of been crazy to get to this point from where we started. We always tell people that blogging looks way easier than it really is.  It took a lot of persistence and daily posting to gain the following we have now. We always make sure to have content daily. Our readers are from all over the place! From right here in metro-Detroit, all the way to Brazil. We love our followers!

3. 1 word to describe your style? 

A: Trendy.

L: Non-conforming.

4. Accessory or possession you can’t leave home without?

A: My wedding ring and Cartier band.

L: My gold nameplate necklace and Cartier Love bangle. I never take them off!

5. Please finish the statement… “You’re never fully dressed without______”

A: Lipstick

L: LIPSTICK for sure!

6. Is there something in your style that is always consistent?

A: I love statement pieces. Whether it’s a ruffle top or shiny flared pants, I love to make a statement with my wardrobe.

L: Difficult to say as my style is always changing and I don’t find myself fitting in any one category. I do love a casual minimalistic look but also love a great crazy colorful statement piece, just depends. I pride myself on being a fashion chameleon.

7. Best style advice you’ve ever received?

A: Less is more.  Staying on trend while staying true to your own style, and feeling good in what you wear. I think it’s also important to take risks with fashion.  Explore new trends and step out of your comfort level every now and then.

L: What Amal said. Just do what you want and feel comfortable in. You also don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars to look and feel trendy.

8. Where do you find fashion + style inspiration?

A: Mainly from other fashion bloggers and a few celebrities.

L: Fashion bloggers all day. Instagram has become the hub of fashion forward thinkers and inspiration.

9. Who inspires your style? Do you have a style icon?

A: The two fashion bloggers that inspire me currently are Aimee Song of Song of Style and Marianna Hewitt. Some of my favorite celebs styles include Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid. My partner in crime, Lora also inspires my style. We tend to bounce ideas and trends off each other.

L:  Ditto to the above! It’s fortunate that we share the same appreciation for certain insta-blogs, particularly Aimee Song of Song of Style and Marianna Hewitt. I also love Anna Dello Russo, Olivia Culpo, Olivia Palermo, Zendaya…there are too many.

10. Favorite trend for the summer of 2017?

LAM Styles favorite 2017 trends – ruffles & mules!


L: Mules/slides!…and hoop earrings, so excited they’re making a comeback.

11. A splurge for the summer would be worth the investment on…? 

A: A high-end bag. Every year I try to at least buy one new high-end bag that I usually can’t stop daydreaming about until I have it. Really loving Gucci and LV bags this year.

L: A nice pair of comfortable shoes, made for walking around and enjoying the summer weather! Every designer has some sort of mule, slide, or espadrille right now. Totally worth the splurge and they will last for many summers to come.

12. Is there a certain trend this Summer season you can do without?

A: Floppy hats and raggedy gear that is Yeezy inspired.

L: Flip-flops and plastic slides. They should be saved for the beach and that’s about it.

13. Do you believe in switching out your wardrobe for each season?

A: No, I don’t. I’ve noticed that trends from different seasons come and go, and revolve so it’s good to hold on to your not so favorite pieces or even things that you’ve never worn before. I also love to mix and match my clothes, for example I can throw on one of my favorite sweater cardigans over a summer dress for cool summer nights.

L: No, I don’t think that’s practical or wise. There’s a ton of over-lap season to season and trends always rotate through and make come backs! I can’t say how many times I regret getting rid of certain staple pieces years ago. I feel like we are lucky to be in an era of fashion where there are so many different trends and you can really go in any direction when it comes to fashion choices!

14. You both have full time jobs – can you share how you find the balance between your blog and professional life?

L&A: To be completely honest, it’s not an easy task! Constantly juggling completely different fields feels like living a double life at times but our passion and keen eye for it always keep us going. It’s been our creative outlet and break from the often stressful world of medicine. 

 15. What is you local love list… a few local boutiques or places you love in your neighborhood to shop in or around metro Detroit?

Bird Bee Detroit.

L&A: City bird, Nest, Will Leather Goods, Found Objects, Bird Bee, Eldorado General Store, Thistle and Bess, Nora Detroit, JAUS, Sundance Shoes, and Detroit is the New Black.

16. What do you both love about Detroit?  Please share any go-to spots for lunch/dinner, activities or just relaxing…

A: I’m in love with culture of Detroit. Love that we are the comeback city; it makes me proud. Some of my favorite dinner spots downtown include; Townhouse, Selden Standard, and Wright & Co. During the summer, it’s always fun to hang out around Campus Martius – there’s always fun events going on. Eastern Market is a great spot to spend time on the weekends. 

L: Detroit is the comeback kid! I love my city and supporting the local businesses. There is nothing quite like the culture and people in Detroit, and I like to think we all share that same Detroit pride. Some of my favorite food spots are; Selden Standard, The Peterboro, Green Dot Stables, Johnny Noodle King. I love going to the Shinola Dog Park with my friends and their dogs. Eastern Market on Saturday afternoons are always fun. 

 17. Your go-to coffee spot?  And what is your go-to coffee drink?

A: Commonwealth – love the C-Latte

L: Dessert Oasis Coffee Roasters- Rose Latte 

18. Favorite thing to do or place to visit during the summers in Michigan?

A: Love spending time by the Lakes. Would love to go up north this summer to visit the Sleeping Bear Dunes.

L: Up north for sure, it’s what our great state is known for!

19. “Pump up Jam” or music currently listing to on your personal playlist?

A: “Despacito” by Luis Fonsi & Daddy Yankee ft Justin Bieber and “Im the one” by Dj Khaled ft Justin Bieber ( just kinda obsessed with the biebs right now)

L: Hmmm so many to choose from.  Kygo- Cruise (ft Andrew Jackson)  is on repeat lately. Terror Jr- Caramel, anything by Post Malone, and OF COURSE everyone’s summer jam- Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee ft Justin Bieber- Despacito. *SWOON*

20. Favorite quote or words to live by?

A: “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” —Eleanor Roosevelt

L: ” All that glitters is not gold.” 

Outfit Details: 

A: Sunglasses- ASOS, Top- White House Black Market, Bottoms- Zara, Shoes- Charles & Keith, Bag- Fendi, Jewelry- Anuja Toila. 

L: Sunglasses- Diff Eyewear, jewelry- Anuja Tolia Jewelry, Top/bottoms- Zara, cross-body bag- Charles & Keith, shoes- Vince. 

Follow Lora and Amal on Instagram @LAMstyle_ or read their blog, Lamstyles.com 

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