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14 Instagram-Worthy Spots in Detroit

June 19, 2018

From art installations to city hot spots, SEEN rounded up 14 spots to Instagram in Detroit — no filter required.

By Chelsie Dzbanski

1. The Illuminated Mural

spots to Instagram in Metro Detroit

Located at the North End neighborhood of Detroit’s New Center, an abandoned nine-story storage building is home to the Illuminated mural by Katie Craig and Brandon Dougerty. The sky high, melting rainbow of color makes for an extraordinary photo backdrop. Location: 2937 East Grand Boulevard, Detroit. 

2. The Siren Hotel

spots to Instagram in Metro Detroit

One of the newest hotels to hit the downtown Detroit scene is The Siren Hotel. Filling the historic Wurlitzer Building, The Siren Hotel’s vintage aesthetic creates endless Instagram photo opportunities. From a picture-perfect latte from Populace Coffee, to the floor-to-ceiling pink adorned Candy Bar, complete with a shimmering disco ball — it’s hard not to capture it all. Location: 1509 Broadway St., Detroit.

3. Dequindre Cut

spots to Instagram in Metro Detroit

Formerly a Grand Trunk Railroad line, the Dequindre Cut is a 2-mile urban recreational path that runs between Mack Avenue and Atwater Street, north of the riverfront. Ride your bike, take a run or walk your dog while taking in the sights and snapping a few photos of the beautiful urban artwork and graffiti that paves the path. Location: Entrance ramps to the Cut are located at Atwater Street, Franklin Street, Woodbridge Street, Lafayette Street, Gratiot Avenue, Wilkins Street and Mack Avenue. 

4. Anna Scripps Whitcomb Conservatory

spots to Instagram in Metro Detroit

The glass structure of the Anna Scripps Whitcomb Conservatory is a sight in itself, but take a step inside and explore a variety of plant life from tropical vegetation, to prickly cacti, to beautiful blooms of flowers. You’ll have no problem getting the plants to pose for the perfect photo. Location: 900 Inselruhe Ave., Detroit.

5. “Waiting” Sculpture by Kaws

spots to Instagram in Metro Detroit

Overlooking Campus Martius Park, Detroit’s newest installation, “Waiting” by Brooklyn based artist Kaws, stands 17 feet high and is made of two tons of bronze. The statue features two figures known as “Companion,” which is a recurring character throughout Kaws’ work that represents the process of growing up. Post it to your Instagram feed for guaranteed likes! Location: 1 Campus Martius, Detroit.

6. The Apparatus Room at the Detroit Foundation Hotel

spots to Instagram in Metro Detroit

Nestled inside the chic Detroit Foundation Hotel is a beautiful and well crafted restaurant, The Apparatus Room. Bustling with business meetings, laptops and avocado toast during the afternoon, and full of cocktail sippers, romantic dates and delicious dinners at night, the Apparatus Room is the picture perfect spot for your day to night agenda. Location: 250 W Larned Street, Detroit.

7. El Asador Steakhouse

spots to Instagram in Metro Detroit

Splashed across the side of El Asador Steakhouse, a Southwest Mexican restaurant, is a vibrant mural of a robotic woman by grafiti artist Marka27. Instagram goers come for the mural but stay for the tacos. Location: 1312 Springwells, Detroit.

8. Fox Theatre

spots to Instagram in Metro Detroit The Fox Theatre opened in 1928. Since then it has had several updates and restorations, and has hosted millions of performances over it’s lifespan. Today the Fox’s glittering LED tower is an iconic staple piece to Woodward Avenue in downtown Detroit. When the sun sets on the city, many stop to capture the historic building in all of it’s beautiful glory. Location: 2211 Woodward Ave, Detroit.

9. El Dorado General Store

spots to Instagram in Metro Detroit

In the heart of Corktown is a magical, vintage boutique named Eldorado General Store. Collected along store owner Erin Gavel’s travels and adventures, Eldorado is stocked full of one of a kind trinkets, treasures, handcrafted accessories, and worldly and local items. Snap a photo of the dreamy, wanderlust atmosphere or photograph a unique find. Location: 1700 Michigan Ave, Detroit.

10. What Lifts You Mural

spots to Instagram in Metro Detroit International street artist and social media phenomenon Kelsey Montague is helping Detroit Instagramers spread their wings through her #WhatLiftsYou wing art installation on Woodward Avenue. The hashtag is used to help inspire people to utilize social media for something positive. Location: 1050 Woodward Avenue, Detroit.

11. The Detroit Institute of Arts

spots to Instagram in Metro Detroit

The Detroit Institute of Arts owns one of the largest and most significant art collections in the United States. From familiar paintings by Picasso, to fascinating Egyptian mummies, to Diego Rivera’s impressive, tribute mural located in Rivera Court, you can capture a piece of history everywhere you turn at the DIA. Location:5200 Woodward Ave., Detroit.

12. Eastern Market spots to Instagram in Metro Detroit

Spend an afternoon strolling around Eastern Market and you’re guaranteed to find dozens of Instagram worthy photo opts. This must-see destination for arts is drenched with over 125 noteworthy murals by numerous artists from around the world. Make sure your phone is charged! Location: click here for an Eastern Market mural map.

13. The Heidelberg Project

spots to Instagram in Metro Detroit

In 1986, artist Tyree Guyton returned to Heidelberg, the street he grew up on, to find it suffering from great poverty. Guyton set out to transform his once beloved neighborhood into an encouraging art environment. With Guyton’s knack for turning trash into eccentric art, the Heidelberg Project is full of interesting surprises that you’ll watch to catch on camera. Location: 3600 Heidelberg St., Detroit.

14. Guardian Building

spots to Instagram in Metro Detroit

Step inside the Guardian Building in downtown Detroit and become immersed in the rainbow of mosaic colors that make up the stunning ceiling. This timeless and historic building features the lavish work of forty artisans which includes murals, stained glass, tile work, marble fixtures and mosaics. It’s beauty deserves to be shared on the Gram. Location: 500 Griswold St., Detroit.

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