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10 Coffee Shops that Roast Their Own Beans in Metro Detroit

November 19, 2019

Calling all coffee lovers! Check out these coffee shops across Metro Detroit that take pride in roasting their own beans.

By Rachel Pepe

Feature photo courtesy New Order

Dessert Oasis

Via Dessert Oasis Coffee Roasters' Facebook

336 S. Main St., Rochester

1220 Griswold St., Detroit


Dessert Oasis Coffee Roasters began as a family-owned business in 2009 when Nathan Hamwood fell in love with the coffee side of the company. As coffee became a bigger part of what they did, Hamwood saved up and purchased a coffee roaster. He taught himself how to roast the coffee beans and the rest is history. Over the years, Dessert Oasis has continued to improve and has won awards for its coffee and roasting operations. The company emphasizes creating a great experience that brings people together over something of quality — their coffee.

Drifter Coffee

Via Drifter Coffee’s Facebook

770 Woodward Heights Blvd., Ferndale


After traveling with their coffee caboose for four years — stopping at notable places like Eastern Market, Wayne State Farmers Market and Mo Pop Music Festival — Drifter’s founder Alleah Webb opened a stationary location earlier this year. The Ferndale location is home to a café, quiet area, greenhouse and a locally sourced menu. The beans are roasted in-house by Gooseneck Coffee Co. in the roasting room, which is in the greenhouse. As a company focused on inclusion, their Divine Goddess Blend is sourced through Women Coffee Producers to support women-run farms.

Great Lakes Coffee Roasting Company

Via Great Lakes Coffee Roasting Company’s Facebook

3965 Woodward Ave., Detroit


Great Lakes Coffee Roasting Company began way back in 1994. The company has always taken sourcing seriously and ensures it’s finding the perfect beans. All the beans are roasted to order at the roastery in Bloomfield Hills, and the lineup always changes to provide a palette of single-origins, blends and roast levels. They also offer unique menu items, like cold brew coffee kegs.

ASHE Supply Co.

Via ASHE Supply Co.’s Instagram

1555 Broadway St., Detroit


ASHE Supply Co. was started in a Southwest Detroit apartment after an unlikely duo joined forces. Two best friends, a pharmacist and an artist, used their unique talents to make this company what it is today. Mike Kennedy, the pharmacist, utilized his background to get roasting beans down to a science. While AJ Nichols used his artistic background to build the brand. They focus on sourcing coffee from honest farmers and creating profiles that suit each coffee.

Hyperion Coffee

Via Hyperion Coffee Company’s Facebook

306 N. River St., Ypsilanti


Opening in 2015, Hyperion’s storefront was originally part of Ypsilanti Hay Press Company, giving this building unique features like large barn doors. Upon entering, customers can watch the roasting process nearly every day. A big part of Hyperion’s mission is making coffee that is traceable, which is why the majority of their coffees can be traced to a single farm. The menu is limited to meet the needs of all customers, and they are known for their drip coffee and espresso.

Roasting Plant

Via Roasting Plant Detroit’s Facebook

660 Woodward Ave., Detroit


Roasting Plant has been bringing a new meaning to fresh brewed coffee since 2013. Every café roasts the beans in-store and quickly grounds and brews each cup to order. As a customer, the opportunities are endless as you are provided with the luxury of picking the exact origin and blend for any and all beverages you order.

Germack Coffee

Via Germack Coffee Roasting Co.’s Facebook

2517 Russell St., Detroit


After coming to the realization that the states lacked many of the flavors available in Italy, brothers Frank Germack Sr. and Joe Germack started a successful company in New York, gaining fame for their pistachios. In 2010, they decided to expand and take on a new challenge roasting coffee beans. Before you know it, they began working on a small batch roastery and café in Eastern Market. All their beans have witty names in honor of the Detroit area, such as their I-75, Eastern Market and Ambassador blends.

Madcap Coffee Company

Via Madcap Coffee Company’s Facebook

1413 Farmer St., Detroit


Owners Ryan Knapp and Trevor Corlett built an entire friendship around coffee. Fast forward to 2008 and they created a company built around that idea and their passion for the beverage. The duo tries thousands of coffees a year, but only the best brews find their way into the shops. Not only is this company passionate about its coffee, it is passionate about the growers it partners with. The owners spend at least a third of the year outside of the country working directly with growers and offer farmers top price to double or triple their income. They even run a no waste program to lessen their environmental impact.

Chazzano Coffee Roasters

1737 E. 9 Mile Road, Ferndale


The journey of Chazzano Coffee began in 2002 in New Jersey where the owner, Frank Lanzkron-Tamarazo, began roasting coffee beans out of his garage. After expanding to places like Chicago and Farmington Hills, Chazzano has found a new home in Ferndale. Lanzkron-Tamarazo roasts the coffee beans inside the café where customers can watch the roasting operation up close and personal.

New Order Coffee Roasters

Courtesy of New Order

3100 Woodward Ave., Detroit


New Order Coffee Roasters came to Midtown in 2017 aiming to delight and energize your everyday life. Unlike the rustic appearance of the stereotypical coffee shop, New Order decided to go the other way, focusing on a bright white interior with pops of aqua and orange. The shop is known for its twist on coffee, including on-site custom roasting, cereal milk lattes, M&M ganache lattes and marshmallow lattes.

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